A splog is the bastard stepchild of spam and blog. You may notice that your comments are filled with invitations to gay spanking sites, casinos, dubious prescription drugs, and so on. There are also “blogs” which are nothing more than linkdumps, intended to generate revenue from Google AdSense or similar schemes. They clog up search engines and they blight the blogosphere.

If you’re running a WordPress installation on your own site, you should definitely install the Akismet extension, which kills the splog comments very well. (If your blog is hosted on WordPress, like this one is, congratulations! Akismet is built right in)

You can also help clear the airwaves of those crappy link sites by reporting them to Cleaning up the blogosphere one splog at a time. and using their promotion buttons on your own site. Other good anti-splog sites include SplogSpot, and antisplog.net.

Oh, and check out all these “Andy Curry” horse training blogs/splogs. WTF is this guy doing?!

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UPDATE: Rob at Moneyshots asks some very pertinent questions about who’s behind the SplogReporter site–it does seem awfully opaque, doesn’t it?! What are they really gathering?!