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A splog is the bastard stepchild of spam and blog. You may notice that your comments are filled with invitations to gay spanking sites, casinos, dubious prescription drugs, and so on. There are also “blogs” which are nothing more than linkdumps, intended to generate revenue from Google AdSense or similar schemes. They clog up search engines and they blight the blogosphere.

If you’re running a WordPress installation on your own site, you should definitely install the Akismet extension, which kills the splog comments very well. (If your blog is hosted on WordPress, like this one is, congratulations! Akismet is built right in)

You can also help clear the airwaves of those crappy link sites by reporting them to Cleaning up the blogosphere one splog at a time. and using their promotion buttons on your own site. Other good anti-splog sites include SplogSpot, and

Oh, and check out all these “Andy Curry” horse training blogs/splogs. WTF is this guy doing?!

Reposted from my other site, Bridlepath.

UPDATE: Rob at Moneyshots asks some very pertinent questions about who’s behind the SplogReporter site–it does seem awfully opaque, doesn’t it?! What are they really gathering?!

ElephantDrive has launched their online data storage system, which will allow subscribers to use their accounts as a sort of central hard drive or data storehouse, accessible from anywhere. It requires the installation of the "Elephant Desktop"; the FAQ is at present ominously silent as to whether it will work on non-Windows platforms. It will become a pay service in the future, starting at $9.95 for 10GB of storage space, but for now a free beta trial is available.

I wonder where their servers are located, and whether they're safe from the predations of Homeland Security…

For the teenager:
Two for fed-up Windoze users: 

I have worked in computer support for 5-6 years now and I think my colleagues everywhere will thank me for telling you this:

– Windows and Office are NOT the same thing. So often we'd get called up in September and screeched at because someone bought a new computer and Office wasn't on there. It's not part of the operating system, although I'm sure Micro$oft has already run the idea past its lawyers. I have also noticed a charming little urban legend beginning to circulate among some undergrads, namely that the difference between XP Pro and XP Home is that "XP comes with Word." And why do you sound so proud of having XP Pro when you don't even know why it's different from XP Home anyway? In the same vein, when we ask you which operating system you are using, please don't look around wildly and say "Uh, Office 2000?" You're smarter than that; don't choke.

– Enough already with the Invoking of the Husband. We actually WANT to help you, regardless of gender. And yes, there are plenty of women working in tech support, including me. Deal with it. We are not "tokens", nor are we receptionists.

– I don't care what your idiotic ISP told you–you don't HAVE to use Internet Explorer. All the same sites will still come up in Firefox or whatever.

– Get comfortable using keyboard shortcuts instead of mousing everywhere; it's much, much faster and will save your wrists in the long run.

– The web is not the whole internet any more than track & field is the whole Olympics.

– I don't think asking you to click on the Start button qualifies as "getting technical with you".

Stop being so intimidated by computers. They work for you.

And btw, everything on this site is absolutely true.

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